Safe Hotel

Taking care of the health and safety of our guests, employees and their families, we have prepared our facility to meet the expectations of the safety of all persons staying in it.


1. Hotel Duo****Wellness & Spa is located on the outskirts of Janów Lubelski in the immediate surroundings of the forests of the Janowski Forest Landscape Park just above janowskie lagoon. Away from the city center crowded public places, galleries or large-scale shops.

2. In full ocrita it is possible to maintain a safe distance of 1.5-2 meters in all hotel premises.

3. Please note that outsiders who are not hotel guests, employees or suppliers of Hotel Duo**** Wellness & Spa are not allowed in the hotel.

4. Please note that guests are not exposed to a large number of guests.

5. Guests, employees and suppliers are required to wash and then disinfect their hands upon entering the property.


Guests are encouraged to:

  • Regular washing of hands with soap according to the available instructions;
  • Keep a safe distance in direct contacts;
  • Hand disinfection upon entering the property.


  • Please note that only 1 guest is allowed at the reception desk;
  • Guests waiting for reception service are required to keep a safe 2-meter interval;
  • The reception serves guests with disposable gloves and masks;
  • We disinfect the reception counter after each guest;
  • At the reception desk there are stains for disinfecting hands, which we encourage guests to use before filling in the registration card.
  • Guests are encouraged to make cashless transactions.


  • Every day we ventize restaurants for at least 1 hour;
  • Before entering the restaurant there are hand sanitizers;
  • We have completely abandoned the buffets – we offer guests a service of dishes directly to the table;
  • We have reduced the number of people at the same time eating meals while maintaining safe table distances every 2 meters, in designated zones;
  • We disinfect the tables in the restaurants after each guest;
  • Cutlery are only available on specially prepared tables;
  • We have expanded the Room Service offer giving guests more opportunity to order
  • All meals are prepared under sterile conditions in accordance with HACCP and Sanepid rules by staff trained in health and safety;
  • Cooks work in gloves and masks.


  • We disinfect every 4 hours the lobby, restaurants, food outlets;
  • The hotel's bathrooms and general spaces contain antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers and instructions on how to wash your hands correctly;
  • Every hour we disinfect handles, handrails on staircases;
  • Hotel spaces are cleaned by staff equipped with disposable gloves and protective masks, which are regularly replaced;
  • We limit the number of people staying in common areas at the same time.

CONTACT US: TEL. 15 87 22 880, COM. 601 636 800, WRITE: RECEPCJA@DUOJANOW.PL

"If someone is looking for peace in nature, this is the perfect place" opinion

Where are we?

Janów Lubelski, a wonderful place and a secluded corner right on the lake. Wonderful view and proximity to attractions – including bike paths, beach and zoom nature amusement park. See the map below!



"Beautiful views from the restaurant and terrace. The hotel is surrounded by a forest and there are plenty of cycling paths around it. You can break away from the city's hustle and bustle and relax in nature. You can not get bored, because not only in the hotel (swimming pool, spa) but also in the vicinity there are plenty of attractions (rope park, outdoor gym, bike paths). For this nice service and delicious food. I recommend for a short and longer holiday." opinion